Service and Maintenance


... are important companions to ensure the smooth operation of your system.

During maintenance by our trained specialist staff, measures are taken which delay the wear of the individual parts of the system. Such work may be, for example, lubrication and readjustment of moving components, replenishment or replacement of supplies, or scheduled replacement of wearing parts. The cleaning, the removal of foreign matter, as well as the degreasing are key components of professionally performed maintenance. The benefit for you is obvious. You benefit from a long service life of your systems with less wear. Also included in the scope of maintenance are the inspection, the readjustment and the adaptation of all system parameters.
This work is necessary whenever the requirements for a system have changed. In most cases, you as a customer take over this work yourself. For an optimization, we are happy to advise you. For electrically operated systems, we document the current actual values,​ such as the Current consumption of each individual motor, at each servicing. As a result, it can be detected at an early stage whether these items must be replaced (due to age or wear) before unexpected and unscheduled, possibly costly failures happen. In addition, all electrical connections, as well as the control cabinet, are checked by means of thermography.
Loose contact points can be pinpointed in a time-saving way. A final functional test of the entire system goes without saying. At the end of each service call, you will receive a signed maintenance report for each tested unit. Should any defects beyond the scope of the maintenance have been identified, our service will promptly repair them after consultation.